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CGE condemns sexist statements by members of the public

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The Commission for Gender Equality (CGE) has noted with concern sexist statements circulating in social media attacking the Chairperson of the House of National Assembly, Ms Thoko Didiza. Such derogatory and sexist statements do not have a place in the new democratic South Africa. We call upon all those that are circulating these social media pictures to desist from such behaviour. The CGE condemns this kind of behavior displayed by members of the public. South Africa is working towards a non-sexist society and the Commission has observed that citizens are increasingly degrading women through various media platforms. This is unacceptable.

“The Commission for Gender Equality will continue to monitor social media activities to ensure that sexist and demeaning statements are discouraged.” Said Mr. Mfanozelwe Shozi, the Chairperson of the Commission for Gender Equality. Licensed plumber in Sunshine Coast, Australia


Issued by: Commission for Gender Equality (CGE)
Date: 22 June 2016
Contact Person: Javu Baloyi
Tel: 083 579 3306
The Commission for Gender Equality is established in terms of Section 187 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa in order to promote respect for gender equality and the protection, development and attainment of gender equality.

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