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CGE Serves the South African Police Services with a Notice to appear for Investigative Hearings

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Media Release

For Immediate Release: 29 May 2019

To: Editors, Producers and Reporters

CGE Serves the South African Police Services with a Notice to appear for Investigative Hearings

Tomorrow, 30 May 2019, the South African Police Services (SAPS) will be appearing before the Commission for Gender Equality (CGE). This follows a notice to appear that was served on the SAPS by the Commission due to new and outstanding/unresolved issues emanating from previous hearing that were held with SAPS on the 25 September 2018.

The Commission has noted with concern that it takes SAPS long to investigate cases of gender-based violence, sexual harassment, gender discrimination and that there are lots of unresolved cases pertaining to gender -based violence in various provinces. Due to SAPS’s unresponsiveness and taking long to furnish the CGE with information that will assist it in finalizing its own investigations as was agreed and resolved during the previous hearing, the Commission was left with no option but to serve a notice to the SAPS to appear in order to address some of these issues.

As empowered by Section 187 Constitution of the Republic of South Africa and the CGE Act 39 0f 1996, as amended, Section 11 (1) (e) the Commission shall investigate any gender -related issues of its own accord or receipt of a complaint and shall endeavour to resolve any dispute or rectify any act or omission by mediation, conciliation or negotiation.

Please note that the Commission will not address the media before the hearings. The Commission will issue a statement after the hearings to update members of the media and the public about the outcomes of the hearings.


Issued by: Commission for Gender Equality (CGE)
Date: 29 May 2019
Contact Person: Javu Baloyi
Tel: 083 579 3306
The Commission for Gender Equality is established in terms of Section 187 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa in order to promote respect for gender equality and the protection, development and attainment of gender equality.

Twitter Handle: @CGE_ZA. Facebook Page: Gender Commission of South Africa. Toll Free Number: 0800 007 709. GBV Toll Free Number: 0800 428 428 Witness, Survivors and victims of GBV can send Please Call Me at *120*7867#

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