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Commission for Gender Equality Monitors 2019 National and Provincial Elections

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Media Release

For immediate Release:  06 May 2019

To: Editors, Producers and Reporters  

Commission for Gender Equality Monitors 2019 National and Provincial Elections

On the 08 May 2019, the Commission for Gender Equality (CGE) Commissioners, Management and Staff would be monitoring the 2019 National and Provincial Elections. Empowered by Section 187 (2) of the CGE Act of 1996 (as amended), the Commission has the responsibility to monitor and assess the actions of state and non-state institutions in the furtherance of the country’s constitutional obligation to promote, protect and advance gender equality in South Africa.

In respect of this constitutional obligation, the CGE will examine, monitor the forthcoming 2019 National and Provincial elections to ensure that gender equality and transformation in general, and women’s electoral representation and participation are factored into all key stages and phases of the electoral process.

The CGE has since 2009 monitored and observed the National and Provincial elections. Prior to the elections, the Commission invited political parties following a lengthy process of analysing their manifestoes and party lists for them to outline or address some of the key challenges in respect of gender issues (i.e. gender based violence, sexual harassment in the workplace, unequal pay gap between men and women. Women’s representation in political parties and government, the rights of members of the LGBTI community, people with disabilities etc) facing the country as it seeks to realise the goal of gender equality and transformation.

The monitoring process and other processes that the CGE had embarked upon as part of the study on the 2019 National and Provincial elections will ultimately culminate in a report that would be shared with various Stakeholders including the Independent Electoral Commission of South Africa (IECSA). The report will also be presented before the relevant Portfolio Committee (s) in Parliament.


Issued by: Commission for Gender Equality (CGE)

Date:  06 May 2019

Contact Person: Javu Baloyi

Tel: 083 579 3306

The Commission for Gender Equality

The Commission for Gender Equality is established in terms of Section 181 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa in order to promote respect for gender equality and the protection, development and attainment of gender equality.

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