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Dr. N. Maphazi


Commissioner Maphazi has been with the CGE for the past 5 years and in her tenure she has served in numerous Committees of the CGE, inclusive of Finance committee, Audit, Strategy Planning and monitoring, Research and Education. Good Governance, Fundraising as well as Human Resource.

She is the lead Commissioner for the Women Economic Empowerment at the CGE and during her incumbency at CGE she had been deployed as a Commissioner in Free State and Western Cape Provinces and presently serving in KZN province.

She served in the first democratic national parliament; then in local government for 9years where she was the first female executive mayor and served as Special Advisor to the Premier of Eastern Cape.

Commissioner Maphazi is a professional nurse and a graduate of the Executive Leadership Programme in Municipal Development from Pretoria University and qualified in Management Development for Municipal Finance from the Wits University. She holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration (Cum Laude) focusing on expanded public works programme in local government, and a PhD in Public Administration with focus on accountability and good governance in local government (Nelson Mandela University).