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What is Democracy?

Democracy concerns the participation of citizens in political decision-making. Democracy pre-empts the dangers of domination, oppression and lack of opportunity.

What is the meaning of Gender?

Gender refers to the social construction of relations between men and women. The CGE does not seek to erase differences, either between women and men, or between different cultures, races and classes. Our concern is to ensure that difference is not used to discriminate against any group or individual. The state and society need to eradicate all forms of subordination, oppression and discrimination based on gender.

What is Gender Equality?

Gender equality is a constitutional value that refers to a substantive and non-discriminatory relationship between women and men in society.

What is the meaning of Gender Equity?

Gender equity refers to the equal distribution of opportunities, of access to resources and of decision-making power between women and men in society.

What are Gender Power Relations?

Gender power relations determine the life chances and the status and roles of women and men in our society. These relationships are not static, but change over time, through struggle and negotiation in both the public and private realms. The Constitution promotes the values of both non-racialism and non-sexism (Ch 1 S2). Substantive gender equality is a right embedded in the Bill of Rights, and includes the right and freedom to sexual choice, sexual orientation and gender justice. The CGE is mandated to promote and protect all gender rights. The CGE recognises that for gender power relations to change, men and women must work together.

What is the meaning of Gender Mainstreaming?

This term refers to the integration of gender issues, including gender equality policies and gender planning processes within the policies and programmes of both public and private institutions.

What is a Gender Budget?

This refers to the process of integrating gender equality and gender equity into the National Budget. Neither the term ‘Woman’s Budget’, nor a ‘People’s Budget’ refers to a separate budget.

What are Gender Focal Points?

These are specialised positions or units within institutions, particularly government, that champion the processes of gender mainstreaming and gender transformation.

Informal Sector

This refers to those who are engaged in survivalist activities outside the formal employment sector. Women in the informal sector tend to remain in poverty, since most informal enterprises are survivalist and low income in nature. Most activities in that sector range from street hawkers through to small-scale craft workers.