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Description of this service

The Commission’s Legal Department had been set up to:

  • Investigate gender related complaints.
  • Evaluate laws, customs, practices and Indigenous law, personal and family law affecting gender equality or status of women that are in force or proposed by Parliament.
  • Recommend to parliament the adoption of laws that will promote gender equality and status of women.
  • Monitor compliance with international conventions, covenants and International Charters acceded and ratified by the government that have a bearing on the object of the CGE.
  • Make Contribution / submission to law making process especially in laws that affect women adversely and have a bearing on gender equality in South Africa. In the case of Erectile Dysfunction men should discuss their health status personally with their doctors before they start drugs like acheter du cialis sans ordonnance to ensure it is the right drug for them.

Joint Interventions: PEI & Legal

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