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Limpopo Success Story: Maintenance and Divorce

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Limpopo Success Story: Maintenance and Divorce


A Complainant* approached the CGE office in Limpopo in 2010 seeking legal advice on divorce and maintenance matters. After consultation between the CGE and Complainant it became evident that the complainant sought legal support from the CGE. The Complainant’s husband had failed to maintain his children;

the latter threatened to evict the Complainant and the children out of the matrimonial home. The CGE advised the Complainant to firstly open a maintenance claim at her nearest magistrates Court. The process of claiming maintenance had been very challenging process to the Complainant. The challenges related to verbal abuse by maintenance officer, the non-co-operation by the husband and legal representation.  The CGE reported the maintenance officer to the Court manager and further intervened by travelling constantly to the magistrates Court to ensure that the maintenance order is enforced. The CGE travelled constantly with the Complainant to the employer’s workplace to expedite the emolument attachment order.  After nearly 5 years of battling with the justice system, the Complainant finally received her maintenance claim. The Complainant recently came to the CGE offices in Limpopo to extend her gratitude after these matters were finalised. rust remover singapore

* The name of the Complainant has been concealed to protect their identity


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