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Meet the Team


Ms Marissa Van Niekerk

Legal-Acting CEO

 The legal department endeavours to process legal complaints from the general public and institutions and /or litigate on matters related to gender equality. The department also acts as Amicus Curiae in matters of interest to gender equality.


Mr Moshabi Putu

Chief Financial Officer

The finance department takes responsibility for organising the financial and accounting affairs of the Commission, including a direct support to the Accounting Officer to discharge the general and specific responsibilities as respectively contained under section 38 and elsewhere within the Public Finance management Act, 29 of 1999 (as amended). The role relates to the effective financial management of the Commission, including the exercise of sound internal controls, planning, budgetary control practices and timely reporting on financial performance and financial position of the Commission.

Dr Thabo Rapoo

Policy & Research

The research department undertakes research work and investigations into gender equality related social policy issues and problems. The department produces analysed research reports findings and policy recommendations.


Ms Joan De Klerk

Public Education & Information

The Public Education and Information Department ensures fostering public understanding of matters pertaining to the promotion of gender equality, the mandate and the functions of the Commission.  Public education and Information programmes include workshops, dialogues, campaigns, information sessions, seminars, exhibitions and radio talk- shows and in achieving these obligations the Department employs a project-driven approach so as to measure impact of the Commission’s interventions.


Human Resource

The role of human resources department at the Commission entails the development and implementation of human resources strategies with specific focus on performance management, training, recruitment and selection of appropriate talent. The department also seeks to develop and review relevant policies for purposes of compliance with relevant labour legislation.


Mr. Mofihli Teleki (CPRP)


The Communications Unit of the Commission is responsible for developing media and communication strategies aimed at enhancing the image of the CGE and driving the communications programme of the institution. The Unit provides communication services to all departments of the Commission.


Mr Thys Monosi

Information Technology

 Information Technology is responsible for implementing and maintaining the commission`s IT infrastructure and governance framework through policy developments. IT monitors the commission’s operational requirements and aligns Information technology plan with the commission`s business strategy, researches technology strategies and solutions, in order to build the most cost-effective and efficient systems to achieve the commission`s mandate.


Mr Cedric Seaba

Internal Audit

The Internal Audit provides independent, objective assurance and advisory services designed to add value and improve the commission’s operations. The internal Audit help the commission accomplish their objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to identify opportunities for improvement. As Internal audit department we are a catalyst for improving the commission’s governance, risk management and management controls by providing insight and recommendations based on analyses and assessments of data and business processes.