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Description of this service

In order to achieve its objective as provided in Section 11 (b) (2) of the Commission ACT, the Commission’s Department of Public Education and Information shall:

Develop, Conduct or Manage Information and Educational Programmes,
To foster public understanding of the matters pertaining to the promotion on Gender Equality and the role and activities of the Commission.
The department Liaise and interact with organisations with the intent of promoting gender equality. It serves as an interface between the Commission and the public and also acts as the Public Relations arm of the Commission through its information dissemination. Answering all public enquiries about gender issues, gender equality and the work of the Commission.

Business Objectives

The business objectives for the department are to:

  • Ensure effective co-ordination and alignment between and within the national and provincial programmes taking provincial dynamics into account.
  • Creates strategic linkages nationally to ensure mutual support, effective collaboration and recognition of the need to promote gender equality by:
  • Markets the CGE at all levels.
  • Identifies and liaises with men’s movements in order to effect democracy and gender equality.
  • Collaborates with organisations that are fighting violence against women.
  • Ensures gender equity and mainstreaming in government departments, through effective positioning and institutionalisation of Gender Focal Points at all levels of government and in collaboration with gender machinery.


In order to carry out its information-dissemination and education function, as well as expand its knowledge of matters related to gender equality, the Commission For Gender Equality (CGE) has established a specialized information & resource centre that functions as a reference library. The CGE aims to make the Information & Resource Centre accessible to a broad spectrum of users.

Who may use the CGE Information & Resource Centre? 

The Staff of the Commission and commissioners are entitled to use the information & resource centre. It is also open to a broad range of users including organisations with interests similar to those of the CGE, officials from government departments, students as well as those involved in research, training and advocacy on gender equality and women’s issues.

The Collection 

The CGE information & resource centre strives to maintain an up-to-date collection in the field of gender equality and women-related issues. The Information & Resource Centre collects a broad range of books and subjects about women and gender issues in South Africa, with some international coverage.

The CGE information & resource centre currently collects subjects at the following levels:

  • Domestic violence/ sexual violence/sexual assault rape
  • Sex work (prostitution),human trafficking, Sexual harassment and stalking
  •  Women’s rights and gender studies
  • Key legislation that affects gender equality and international issues
  • Gender, Religion and Culture
  • Conference Proceedings
  • Law reports and Statutes
  • Reproductive rights

Official publications

The Information and Resource Centre acquires and collects official publications very selectively, given the accessibility of new official publications online.

Research Reports

Our Information & Resource Centre also acquires research reports and in particular those issued and or commissioned by the Commission and different organizations and research institutions. Some of the reports are available in PDF format; these are downloaded and printed off for addition to our collection as well as archived through web archiving project where possible.


Our Information & Resource does not actively seek to acquire academic theses (MA or PhD theses), but will accept donations of theses which have been researched within the area of gender studies.

Academic Journals

We endeavour to acquire subscriptions to academic subscriptions (through SABINET) particularly in South Africa. Both Print and online access to academic journals are maintained whenever possible.

Free Web Resources

The Information & Resource Centre encourages the use of Free web resources by maintaining comprehensive sets of links relevant to gender issues on the Commission’s website.

Audio Visual  

We recognize the need to build our collection of published audio-visual material, including, but not limited to, documentary films about women and gender issues.  The current collection consist of a growing collection of videos on gender-related issues like sexual harassment, violence against women, women empowerment, female genital mutilation and women’s rights.

Information Requests 

An inquiry service is available to the public and staff of the Commission For Gender Equality (CGE). Enquiries may be made through personal visits, fax, telephone, post and e-mail. Faxing of information not exceeding 10 pages is also provided. Videos on gender-related issues can be watched at the resource centre during open hours.

Speaker Series 

The resource centre host seminars every two months on different topics related to gender. Speakers from various organizations and institutions are invited to give presentations to members of the public and to CGE staff members. One of the main aims of hosting these seminars is to promote the use of the CGE resource centre. They are also aimed at raising awareness to public on various events related to gender issues.

Visiting Hours & Usage Policy

Everyone is welcomed to come and browse through our collection. The general public is not allowed to borrow material from the Information & Resource Centre. However, they are allowed to use the Centre’s collection in–house. This is done solely in the interest of protecting the Commission For Gender Equality’s collection.

Users are welcome to read and photocopy resource materials noting the provisions of the Copyright Act. Copies of information can be requested from the Information & Resource Centre for which a small handling (the cost of the copies and postage) will be charged.

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