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A list of the Best Gaming Industry Events

Are You a Fan of Gaming? 5 Festivals You Should Attend

For any person interested in gaming, a gathering people who share your tastes is one of the best entertainments. At such events, fans of similar projects get the opportunity to discuss their thought regarding games, as well as share with each other their dreams and hopes connected with their protagonists. What’s more, attending such gatherings, you get the chance to meet diverse celebrities and the developers of the most well-known gaming projects.

A large number of festivals take place in diverse countries of the world in order to gather numerous fans of a wide variety of genres of games. Among the most popular gaming festivals across the globe, we have selected a list of the most fascinating events, which you definitely should attend if you admire playing games.


E3 is probably the most well-known event in the gaming industry. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, which are the largest companies in this industry, present their exclusive games, as well as new consoles at E3.

Initially, the event was held in order to get media the opportunity to become familiar with new projects in the industry. However, in 2017, some changes happened, and the exhibition became open to the general public.

It should be also noted that at present, among those who attend the exhibition, you will meet not only the well-known representatives of the gaming industry but also stars known to everyone. Another important feature of the event is that here you will be able to hear numerous important announcements, for instance, Portal 3 release date PC. E3 takes place in Los Angeles annually in June. If you won’t get the opportunity to visit the event in real life, you certainly need to follow what is happening on the Internet.


Another annual event worth visiting if you are a gaming fan of the Gamescom exhibition. It takes place in Cologne (Germany) in August. Gamescom is the largest event in this industry since it is attended by hundreds of thousands of people. Fans from diverse countries of the world come to Cologne to enjoy playing the most popular games. Afterwards, they get the opportunity to speak about games and discuss all the important news, for example, Portal 3 release date Xbox 360, while trying the tastiest German dishes.


The EGX exhibition is organized by a well-known European online magazine Eurogamer that has been informing about various live games and festivals for more than ten years. The exhibition takes place in Birmingham in September annually.

Thus, why is it important to attend this event? As the organizers state, the EGX exhibition features a number of useful gatherings with famous developers, career fairs, e-sports tournaments, as well as gaming sessions for fans of different genres of games. Therefore, this is a great event to visit if you want to have fun and spend more time with people who also admire gaming.

Playstation Experience

Despite the fact that Sony usually makes the most important announcements during the E3 exhibition, for a few years, the company has been organizing own event dedicated to games on the PlayStation –the PlayStation Experience. The event takes place in Las Vegas every year in December.

This is were Sony shows presentations and shares news about the most popular franchises, including Portal 3 release date PS3 (at, you will find more information concerning the long-awaited sequel of the game).

Pax West

Penny Arcade Expo is a series of well-known events dedicated to gaming that are held annually in Seattle, San, Antonio Boston, Philadelphia in the US, and Melbourne in Australia. Among them, the PAX West exhibition, taking place in Seattle, is probably the most popular one.

Participants of the PAX West exhibition get the perfect opportunity to learn the most essential news regarding the gaming industry, for instance, Portal 3 release date, see diverse developers’ presentations, as well as take part in many tournaments.