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Are the essay writing services legal?

In our society, there is a long-bias that any book written work - is "bad". Still, initially, it is an independent work of the student, and only then the formality required from the university. And having paid for the performance of such work, the student, in fact, buys a diploma for himself. But each student has his own reasons, under the influence of which he decides to order a job through the service of writing papers.

Let's leave the moral side of the issue and answer the following questions. How legitimate the services of writing services? What threatens a student who uses the services of such services?

Order of paperwork: the usual market relations

In the most general case, there is nothing illegal in ordering written work. Since the order of work on the market is regarded as the purchase of fruit or a trip to the hairdresser. Namely, there is a buyer and a consumer who perform the relevant functions:

  • The contractor undertakes to perform a certain amount of completely legal work: conducting research, analyzing literary data, displaying research in the text, designing a text document.
  • The customer for the performance of this work makes the payment in an agreed amount.

The contractor and the customer conclude an agreement where all their rights and obligations are stated.

Moreover, even the university in and teachers, by and large, do not care who performed the work if the rights to study are not violated (the customer something they bought), and the student understands excellent in their diploma and adequately protects him, what difference who typed for him.

The main legal violations arise in particular cases that are worth knowing when ordering written work. With this information, you protect yourself by ordering an essay or other written work. Let's see how you can break the law by ordering a written work through the service of writing works.

How can he break the law by ordering a written work?

  • The banalest offence is to order the work from your supervisor. This is the most reliable way to make a written work the way it should be, but this is a bribe to an official, who is a teacher. Such violations are often prosecuted. Therefore, if you witnessed such a phenomenon, or your teacher suggested that you buy a written work from him, inform the management of your educational institution. This way you will ensure your legal security.
  • An even more clear violation of the law is the illegal execution of work for money. Since this activity is not registered with the tax authorities (hardly at least one private writer or student has paid a tax on the money received for writing a diploma), the performer may well incur criminal liability for it. This most often concerns private authors who do not register their activities in any way.

Fortunately, in this case, nothing threatens the customer of the written work. But according to the results of the investigation of illegal business activities, the names of all customers can be about peoples. And what the educational institution will do, having learned about your order, is unknown. There are cases of deductions. Therefore, be careful and order written work in the agencies that have the appropriate license, which allows them to engage in this type of activity.

Student holding notebooks

How to order a written work without breaking the law?

Obviously, for an absolutely safe order of written work, it is enough to contact essay writing services that officially provides relevant services that are licensed to provide this type of service. Such company regularly pays taxes and maintains complete confidentiality of the data of all customers. Therefore, you cannot be afraid that your name is published in the lists of customers of written works.

Accordingly, the order of a diploma in such a company will be absolutely legal and, of course, will not bring any problems to the customer. A signed contract, sealed, will confirm that the entire transaction was executed as required and the customer did everything in full compliance with the law.

Answering the main question, we can say that the activity of writing services is completely legal if the agency has a license and pays taxes to the state.