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How I caressed my friend's girlfriend. Part 3

Then she began to caress me with her hands. At first she caressed my muscular chest, then her hands went down below my belly, and finally she thrust her hand into my pants. My dick got a stake when he felt her hand. She seemed timid, and even tried to pull her hand out of my pants, but I did not let her do it. She was so hot.

“Take them, they are not needed,” I said.

She knelt down and pulled off her pants, very slowly, enjoying every second of the show. My huge dick was released. He was really huge and red, she was certainly surprised, I realized that she had never seen this before, she threw her head back first, but then she lowered her head closer and I felt her hot breath on my penis. Suddenly, as if yielding to her unconscious desire, she bent closer and touched him with her soft, hot lips. She lay back again. I asked her to continue. This time she began to suck so deeply that I leaned back and began to moan with pleasure. The girl was quickly trained! In a few moments she began to deeply swallow my dick, she caressed better and better, and every minute more and more skillfully. I was on the verge of bliss. She drove me crazy when sucking my barrel. Finally, I took her head in my hands and pressed her tightly and deeply. He was SO deep !!! She sucked me more and more vigorously and quickly. A few more seconds, and I started to cum right in her mouth. She licked my throbbing cock and swallowed cum. She made me feel so good that I wanted her to feel the same pleasure.

“Let me take them off,” I said, touching her panties.

I picked her up and laid her on my bed. Her knees were on the level of my face. She did not resist. Her panties were all wet by that time. I kissed her for a long time, but kisses were not enough for me, I wanted something else, something else besides kisses. I began to lick her nipples, under the caresses of my tongue, they became hard and swollen. Then I began to go down her belly, I was not going to stop there. I was getting closer and closer to her cave. She knew what I was going to do and began impatiently to caress my pussy with my hands. I spread her legs wide, my face was next to her little cave. I started to caress her with my tongue while kissing the mole that was right on the vagina. I did not want to waste time, I stuck my tongue in her pussy, then made her tremble, I felt her love juices on my lips, I gave her time to enjoy the caress, then I stuck my tongue even deeper and began to fuck her with my tongue, moans grew into wailing and crying, I did not for a second stop to work my tongue frantically, her moans were even more exciting, her hot slim body was a source of pleasure for me, my hands caressed her thighs and breasts, causing her to bend from passion.

Her vaginal walls shrank, making me moan. She could control the vaginal muscles, it was great! I raised her a little, so now she was a little above me, she raised her pelvis, my cock was ready to fall out of her hot cave, but then she abruptly sat down to the full depth of my cock, she tried to go deeper and deeper and I felt her pubis touched my belly. Sometimes she moved slowly, trying to get a member as deep as possible, sometimes she was pretty cool, making me feel blows on my pussy. Her juices flowed in my penis on the sheet. Her beautiful hot body, and large swaying breasts made me enjoy some incredible pleasure. I felt that my dick was about to explode, she was also on the verge of bliss. Generic versions of viagra can be taken 30 minutes before starting any sexually activity and the effect of all the generic versions of Viagra pas cher lasts up to four to five hours just like viagra.