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High and low beam lamps in a car - how to replace it yourself?

Often, far, position and dipped lamps are not covered by the warranty, in connection with this there is a need for self-replacement of lamps. Manual replacement is much cheaper than a car service. Therefore, you have to buy the Philips and Bosh brands yourself in car dealerships. There is no difficulty in the lamp replacement procedure. There is also a nice part in the form of saving at least 2 times.

The car owner must pay attention to:

- the possibility of separate replacement;

- the possibility of staging different manufacturers instruments;

- instructions;

- difference of products.

There are four devices in the car: two for high beam and two for low beam. The most popular combining both modes of the lamp. Despite the operation of one mode, in the event of a malfunction of another, the product changes completely. Attempts to find individual parts are done by beginners, but there is no such possibility. As a result, everything comes to the impossibility of finding a lamp, you have to check the filament. A visual inspection can determine the malfunction, because quite often the case itself undergoes deformation.

We recommend that you come to the store with the lamp that you removed from the headlamp. This will help sellers to choose either a similar lamp or exactly the same. Some vehicles use devices with a power of 55 or 75 watts. If you use weaker or too strong devices, the brightness of the lamps will vary. Buyers can purchase quite extensive lamp formats: H1, H2 and H3. If you do not know for sure your own format, then it is worthwhile to find out so as not to inadvertently purchase a lamp that you do not need. That is why you should remove the lamp from your car and choose a new one together with the sales assistant.

Dipped-beam lamps can be changed one at a time, but at some service stations they often refuse to change only one lamp. In a positive way, employees strongly recommend replacing a pair of lamps based on uneven light levels. It is possible, but the difference is not significant, and not noticeable to the eyes, on average a couple of lumens. The failure of one lamp will be followed by a second. Its resource is close to the end, and this suggests the need to replace both elements at once.

Mirror lamps

No less popular topic are mirror lamps and their manufacturers. When using them, a difference in the color scheme is possible. With models from different manufacturers it makes sense to experiment. Replacement: open the hood, then look for a plastic cap from the back of the headlight (it is present in 95% of cars), carefully unscrew it. After we disconnect and remove the block with conductors from the lamp. Further inside we notice the fastening and the beginning of the world; it is also not difficult to remove it. First of all, you need to find and disconnect the rigid metal wire to release the lamp. On some cars there are fastenings in the form of bolts in front of the wire, you need to carefully pay attention to this.

These actions are performed in a few minutes, after which a new lamp is being installed and the entire structure is assembled in the reverse order. It is important not to touch the glass with your fingers, as well as tightly tighten the plastic protective cover to prevent dust, dirt, water from getting in, because moisture contributes to fogging the headlights. Not every man is ready to use the services of a girl of easy virtue, but many want debauchery. In this case, the site is designed where you can watch porn chat. Take part in the real live sex cams - this is a virtual sex video Dating, using modern means of communication, computer, video camera. Do not have to leave the house to go to a strip club or rent a prostitute. Just go to a porn chat room online and choose your favorite model.