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Are epidermis best friends diamonds?

Microdermogenesis or diamond resurfacing of the face is a procedure whose essence is to remove the upper layer of the epidermis in order to renew cells and activate the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. The skin becomes smooth, pores are narrowed, acne is reduced, scars become less noticeable, and complexion is leveled.
It is carried out strictly in the cabin with the help of an apparatus having up to ten nozzles with spraying from small diamond crystals. With the help of vacuum, the stratum corneum of the skin is removed, blood supply is stimulated.
Indications for use
• dry skin;
• enlarged pores, gums;
• age-related pigmentation;
• flabbiness;
• fine wrinkles.
Stages of the procedure and recommendations
• After a clinic with a good reputation is found, and a competent cosmetologist, whose consultations have confirmed the possibility of using diamond peeling, you can begin the procedure. Carry out microdermabrasion in the fall or winter, because ultraviolet light adversely affects delicate defenseless skin.
• The patient is dressed in a bathrobe and hat and laid on a couch. The skin is steamed.
• Next, the beautician begins the diamond grinding procedure, which proceeds painlessly.
• Then a moisturizing and cooling mask is applied. They reduce swelling, and stimulate the effect of peeling. After that, nutritional serum is applied.
Microdermogenesis passes in half an hour. After manipulation, the dermis acquires a reddish tint, which quickly leaves.
In no case do not expose the skin to ultraviolet rays for a week after the procedure. Otherwise, pigment spots may appear.
Practicing cosmetologists recommend a course of procedures, the number of which depends on the nature of the problem. It is important to remember that too frequent manipulations can lead to inflammation.
• burns, warts;
• open wounds;
• furunculosis, herpes;
• diabetes;
• fungal diseases;
• pregnancy and lactation;
• asthma;
• oncology;
• epilepsy;
• rosacea;
• presence of a pacemaker.
It is also not recommended to carry out the procedure on the days of menstruation, as painful sensations may occur.
Side effects
• If the client did not follow the recommendations of the cosmetologist, then unpleasant consequences in the form of inflammation or age spots are possible.
• If the beautician has chosen a nozzle with too high abrasiveness, microcracks appear.
Puffiness is possible, which disappears after 1-2 days.
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