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Mega Construx Monster High Catty Noir Stage Fright Building Set

Katie Nuer is a real kitty and at the same time a werewolf with matte black skin and bright pink hair again shining by the spotlight on stage! Just look at the young Katie Nuer. This beauty from the Monster School shines on stage again, despite her hard life of a popular girl, loud fame and fans.
In the image of a popular designer from the famous series, she is as beautiful as in the cartoon. To the charming baby, dressed in a fashionable gray skirt and jacket with a blue jabot, there is an equally bright and interesting scene. The scene is made in the spirit of colorful princesses from the Monster School. It is decorated with cobwebs, spiders, various claws and dark columns characteristic of castles with ghosts or other monsters.
In addition to the stage, there is a speaker, a microphone with a stand, a mobile phone in the form of a coffin and a bag in the form of a kettlebell. Note that the scene is not as ordinary as it might seem at first glance. She has music modes. Inside the stand for the pupa there is a musical panel that reproduces two songs from the popular cartoon. Thus, the toy becomes more interesting with the music included in the kit.
The scene has moving parts. So, she moves the door wings to the right and left, as well as smaller doors, made in the form of wings. Ornaments on the stage in the form of hands in an animated style are also mobile.
The figure of the pupa itself is also mobile. Thanks to the hinges in the pupa, she can bend her knees and rotate the arms in her shoulders in all directions. Also, the figure can hold various items, for example, a microphone.
A colorful toy is not at all as ordinary as might be supposed. This is a colorful and interesting designer that can be assembled by any girl from seven years old alone or with her friends according to the scheme. This designer only includes 162 parts with various accessories for the doll. With the help of parts, you can design your own stage, column and a small area under the stage.
The game set has a special quality. It has practicality, durability and durability, so even if the designer was assembled, you can reassemble it and try to reassemble it by starting the game over again. Also, toys can be repeatedly used to invent bright and unusual scenes on the cartoon or on your own. Toys are packed into a company box.