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World of luxury # 2

Two pictures located above a luxurious semicircular white sofa are a bright decoration of the recreation area. Artist Susan Atkinson reflected on them the memories of the setting of the sun in Barbados and the incredible play of colors that accompanied it. From the windows of the living room offers a delightful view of the park, created in the courtyard of the house. All the furniture in the apartment is made by Lawson Wood according to the designs of Joanna Wood.

The master bedroom is sustained in clean and fresh shades of aqua and ivory. The strict lines of the interior are softened with various fabrics: from the softest silk to crisp cotton (in the rest of the rooms, ceramics and stone make a bright contrast with the colorful upholstery fabrics). Above the bed is a canopy of the original form. The design of the unique stand, standing at the foot of the bed, is also invented by Joanna Wood: when you press a button, a flat television panel rises from it. On the wall is a memorable painting by famous artist Julia Brooker, made with acrylic paints on aluminum.

Next to the bedroom is a bathroom, the walls and floor of which are made of white limestone. A television panel is fixed above the bathroom, it is so accurately and accurately mounted into the wall that it looks more like a drawing than a professional television equipment.

The other two bedrooms can accommodate family members or visiting guests. Another double-purpose room with a set of modern equipment is an easily transformable living space in which you can create an office or a fourth bedroom. The room has a spacious wardrobe. In addition, the author of the project has provided in her an attractive corner table of chocolate-colored leather with suede, table-to-the-touch to the touch. The interior of the room looks traditionally and at the same time unexpectedly due to the soft upholstery of the walls and paintings from the laid canvas on both sides of the bed. For furniture, the upholstery fabric from Ralph Lauren is used here.

In the kitchen, a chandelier consisting of blue, yellow and purple lampshades attracts particular attention. This is a real light sculpture, created by Mark Beekers. Brightly standing out against the backdrop of a snow-white interior, the chandelier serves as the main stylistic decoration.

The apartment is equipped with a "smart home" system, which allows using the touch panel and remote control to operate the air conditioning and lighting, as well as all audio and video equipment, including home theater. The most popular collection of jogos kizi games online. Play the best kizi games of Mario, Winx, race, guns.