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Online casinos – Reviews and Ratings

Welcome to our online casino test site –, where we present our experience with online casinos. We not only introduce you to new bonuses and promotions on a regular basis, but also take a closer look at the online casinos and try them out in a detailed online casino test. There are now a lot of online casinos on the Internet, so it is important to check them every now and then. But of course we also look forward to your comments, which you can submit at the end of the article, because for technical reasons we cannot always control everything in real time.

What is an online casino test?

We want to save you from unpleasant experiences with dubious and simply bad online casinos. Therefore, we present our impressions to you so that you can find your ideal casino. Various categories are observed in our online casino test, such as:

  • Design of the casino
  • Games on offer (slots, table games, poker, sports betting)
  • Bonus structure
  • VIP service
  • Customer service in general (email, chat, phone), in English or Hindi?
  • Payment methods (PayPal, etc.)
  • rapid processing of deposits and withdrawals
  • Can the mobile casino be used well on smartphones or tablets?
  • What license does the casino have?

Experiences of real players here in our online casino test!

In our online casino test, we examine the most important features that you should consider when choosing the right online casino. Not only the best casino bonus, whether with or without a deposit, free spins or large bonus amounts play a major role, but also the range of games and the security of the software, the payment options, reliable customer service and whether the casino has a mobile version for your mobile phone, Tablet or iPad. The casino comparison between the individual providers makes a lot of sense in order to find the best online casino. And of course we also check the provider's license and whether the random number generator of the games is controlled or whether there is a risk of casino fraud.

Online casino experiences of the players

The most important thing in our online casino test is still the experience of the player himself. Because we are of course not able to control and monitor every casino around the clock. Sometimes it can be little things that decide whether an online casino is worth a recommendation or not. So if you have had positive or negative experiences in an online casino that we have not reported, then simply write to us!

How do you recognize a reputable casino?

An important feature for a reputable online casino is a valid license. This is important so that you know that your deposits are secure and the games are fair. In addition, the licensors stipulate various legal frameworks on how a casino operator must behave. This ranges from player protection (dependency behavior, blocking players) to the minimum deposits that the operating company has to hold in order to be able to pay out even if a player lands a big win. Of course, liability issues are also set there, so that the shareholders of the company that operates the casino are personally liable. Listed operators are ideal for this.

How do we rate the casinos in our test?

We try not necessarily to rate the casinos quantitatively, since the tastes are different and, as is well known, there is no arguing about taste. One attaches more importance to Hindi-language support, the other more to the fact that there are many games from many different software providers. Our reviewers are all players themselves and try to describe and accommodate the overall impression that a casino makes in good detail. The experience of our readers is of course very helpful, which you can either post us directly online or send to us by email or chat. If there are actually serious problems with a casino, we will let you know in an article about the provider.