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Dead Trigger 2: Overview Friv Game

Mobile gaming platforms are getting more and more beautiful three-dimensional new products. Among them, a worthy place is occupied by last year's zombie action game Dead Trigger from the studio MADFINGER Games . Its visual part looks rich so far. Fans of portable shooters were delighted with the creepy dead and beautifully designed controls. But the impression was spoiled by the monetization system. Dead Trigger spread fee, but this did not prevent the developers to overload the gameplay with all sorts of methods of coercion to micropayments. Due to numerous complaints, the game was later transferred to the category of free ones. A year later, the authors of the project revised their understanding of the ideal action movie about zombies in Dead Trigger 2. Friv games play online at this website Play today at the best friv games.

As in the first part, our hero survives in the most difficult post-apocalyptic conditions. Now and then he encounters pleading satellites, dangerous emergencies, formidable obstacles, and so on. Each event is part of one big story. Unlike the original with the map of random tasks, Dead Trigger 2 gets some semblance of an indivisible plot. Without going beyond its limits, we travel between locations. Additional missions may be encountered along the way. Indifference to them is not punished, but so precious bonuses remain aside.

In various previews and publications, developers have repeatedly mentioned the system of the "parallel universe." In other words, when connecting to the Network, players must meet signs of the activities of other participants in the virtual world. Although I did not manage to notice anything like this - a very slurred feature, its meaning to the user is also incomprehensible.

By and large, in Dead Trigger 2and without that boring. A huge number of areas with a unique design makes you invent new tactics of survival. The gameplay is rich in surprises. Giant monster wielding in a dilapidated quarter and threatens the last hope for a peaceful life? So let's shoot him from a helicopter! Out of ammo? We recall Gordon Freeman, we take the mount - and go! And the chicken with the ignition bomb can be a terrific gift for those who like to chase a live butcher.

The constant presence of interesting goals and unexpected decisions attracts our attention. Moreover, missions are often not inferior to "adult" militants from consoles. Build barricades, divert crowds of dead people, save people and so on. Even a boring shop from the original "animated" in the person of a medic with a first-aid kit, an engineer with the ability to make military gadgets, an armorer with "trunks" and body kits for them, a smuggler with unique and rare goods.

Convenient and responsive touch control allows you to smoothly move through the narrow streets of cities and quickly aim even at the head. But if on your device there are difficulties with this, then the developers have provided the option of automatic fire. When a character approaches an enemy, the weapon will show independence in resolving the conflict that has arisen. This mode has one very significant drawback - shooting is long queues, and after all the cartridges can end.

Dead trigger 2could be perfect if not for a couple of significant flaws. First, the sequel took over from its predecessor intrusive micropayments. It is bad when, without constant pocket investments, passing turns into a real test of nerves and strength. The soundtrack also deserves serious criticism - the scanty set of two zombie growls does not fit the incredibly beautiful graphics.

There are few good and touch-friendly shooters on mobile platforms today. Dead Trigger 2 raises the bar for quality this year, offering a luxurious picture, detail-rich levels, unexpected situations related to the mission’s plot and exciting gameplay. Pleasant taste a little bitter from technical flaws and forced micropayments. But this is not an obstacle for fans of zombie subjects and post-apocalyptic survival.

Pros: great graphics; The gameplay is rich in surprises; missions are diverse and follow a single storyline; comfortable control.
Cons: vague mode "parallel universe"; intrusive micropayments; technical problems blocking game progress.